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“Roshani Shenazz was an Inspirational Keynote Speaker on Spiritual Development as a part of the ECOSOC Round Table, at the XIVth International CIFA Forum held in Monaco, France in May-June 2016. (CIFA – Convention of Independent Financial Advisors is a Non-Governmental Organization in consultative status with ECOSOC –
the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations).”

Workshops, Talks, Seminars are also conducted for NGOs, Hospitals, Particular Fraternity, Trauma and other Help Institutions, Homes, Government and others. Talks and Seminars are customized for every session, institution and the end audience.

PicsArt_1420786730001Roshani Shenazz is also the Founder of Meher Roshani Foundation, Mumbai. She has served as a Sr. Faculty – Producing, and is affiliated with The Whistling Woods International, the premium world acclaimed Film School in Mumbai, India. She is also affiliated with Institutions like; The Thadomal Shahani Centre for Management, and the Institutions under the HSNC Board, The Rotary Club (City Chapters), The REX Global Fellowship and Karmaveer Chakra Institution and Speakers Bureau. She is the UN ICongo REX Global Fellow and Karmaveer Chakra Awardee; a Member at the – Unity in Diversity World Civil Society (UNAOC) – India Chapter and Global Dialogue Foundation and Mentee at – The Cherie Blaire Foundation.

Seminars And Awareness Talks

These sessions are an Interactive Wholelistic Living Empowerment Gatherings, dealing with various topics on spiritual aspects, myths, misconceptions, clearing of inner doubts, sharing of seeming issues and experience sharing or on Particular Topics depending upon the organization and the expected audience. These have also been conducted at various homes, where a crowd of earnest seekers gather to enrich and transform their lives.

These sessions, help in shifting towards an overall empowerment paradigm by release of fears, doubts and other lower energies by being in the collective energies of the guided answers to your innermost queries on Spirituality, Empowerment, Daily Life, Work/Life Balance, Trauma Healing and many more topics, facilitated by Roshani Shenazz. The Main Topics already conducted across Mumbai, India and other Countries, are as below:

Angels Speak – Book Unveiling With Live Angel Readings ~ “Angels Speak ~ Your Daily Dose of Divine Love” is the 1st book Authored by Roshani Shenazz. It is a heavenly gift to the World and has become a bestseller in just 2 months of the Launch in Feb 2016, bringing some phenomenal healing, guidance and transformations in the life of all those who have experienced it world over. We invite you to an INTRO TALK and a wonderful book unveiling and Live Angel Readings from the Book ‘ANGELS SPEAK’. An enriching session combined with a “Taster” Session on receiving a Message and Affirmation from your Angels through the Book. Come and hear more about the angels and how they are a blessing in our lives. Be open to receive beautiful messages of peace, support and harmony as you get to experience their energies of love. This is the 1st Indian Book of 365 Days Oracle Angel Messages, Affirmations and Channeled Illustrations of 15 Archangels. Come be with us for this amazing Book Reading along with Live Angel Readings from the Book Messages for the lovely audience present. The session ends with Author signing and specially messaged by Roshani Shenazz for those who wish to buy this transformational book.

Angels are our Birth Right ~ A myth breaking session on Who are Angels, How do they function, Why do they exist, Are Angels from a particular religion, Are Angels a particular Therapy and much more. The influx of knowledge that we have at times can keep us away from many a truths. Be with Roshani Shenazz for this evening and clear all your thoughts, doubts and queries about Angels and Angels Soul Therapy that she practices and helps people to do so in their journey and life path, through her Practitioner workshops, training and mentoring.

Importance of Forgiveness ~ The session focuses on the power of forgiveness and what it can do. To know that forgiveness opens all doors towards our Highest Good and also moves us towards harmonious closures of our Karmic Chapters. Tools and techniques of erasing this toxin from life are shared.

Anger and Stress Management  ~ The session focuses on the seeming adverse power of anger / stress and what it can do to our souls, body and mind. It shall have an empowering Angelic interactive session to shed all the unwanted and unserving and to begin the journey towards inner compassion, self-love and love for the entire Universe. To know that Anger and Resentment are acids that burns the container that it is stored in.

The sublime enemy – Fear and its EffectsAn interactive session to deal with fear energy. ‘What you fear is the most near.’ Yes the fastest speed of lower energy thoughts are that of fear, worries, anxiety and related negative thoughts. This has always been true, but more prominent with the high wave of energies of this Age. If you do not live in constant awareness of the thoughts, words and emotions that you’re setting out into the Universe, then the results may be detrimental not just to yourself and various aspects of your life, but would create it’s ripple effects on the very people, whom you have these thoughts for. We should not name it concern, as that is the best camouflaged word that your physical mind uses. Precaution, cautiousness, and fear are far different from each other.

Additional key topics:

  • Leadership
  • Spiritual Ascension
  • The Spiritual Supermarket
  • Fighting daily devils
  • Inner Potential tapping
  • Team Work
  • Inner Renunciation
  • Karma and Reincarnation
  • Inner Peace and Balance
  • Corporate and Personal Trust Building
  • Spiritual Parenting
  • Trauma Healing
  • Addiction Healing
  • Working of the Mind Body and Spirit
  • Any other customized topic for organizations, corporate and institutions

Email us your brief through the REACH US Form or by Mail to: and we shall revert to you for a personal meeting and customized proposal.



“Every changemaker in the World should have the burning desire to positively influence his surroundings and ignite the ‘changemaker’ within each person he or she interacts with.” ♡ © Roshani/2016


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