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(The Spiritual Practioner Training and Healing Division also is known
as ‘Sparkling Angels Holistic Healing’)


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Important Notes before filling the Reach Us Form

  • For Non-Local Sessions: Readings will be done through Email / Skype / BOTIM or other available technology that is suitable and Healing Sessions will be done through the same or Distance Healing as applicable.
  • For Workshops and All Sessions, please read our Services and in the Query Box write the Reading, Healing or Workshop / Training you are interested in.
  • If you cannot decide which Reading to take, just write for what aspect of life do you need the Reading for – example: Career, Health, Individual or Relationship or Family Reading etc. and we shall guide you with what Reading is best suited for your query.
  • Please note that all Reading and Healing sessions are guided and channeled as per your name and date of birth, for the right time as guided to Roshani Shenazz, after receiving your request. Please be patient with Divinity so that your soul’s guidance is brought to you exactly at your Divine Timing.
  • You shall receive a mail from us with all the details of Energy Exchange Investment amounts for the session/workshop requested by you and after your approval of the same, a Divine Timing Slot shall be channeled for you.
  • Each Session has a different EEI amount which has been channeled to Roshani Shenazz. The parameters for the same are as per the energy of the session, and the energy either if it is for 1 individual or involving more than 1 person for relationship and other readings etc., and as per the geographical location divided into sections – INDIA, UAE, BAHRAIN, KUWAIT, MALAYSIA and rest of the Countries in the World.
  • These are divinely guided EEI amounts and parameters as per the Karmic and Cosmic Exchange of all sessions and workshops for the spiritual balance of what is exchanged between your soul through the therapist being the Cosmic Medium.
  • For all Online Payments through payment gateways, money transfer agencies etc., Extra Charges for these Online Payments are communicated in the response mail after we receive your REACH US FORM duly filled.
  • All International payments are made in USD currency and will have relevant exchange rate at your end, applicable to you whenever you do the said payment as per the EEI amounts sent to you in our Response Mail.
  • Roshani Shenazz is guided to take NO Energy Exchange amount for healings done for people suffering from any seeming terminal illness and on case to case basis, for many other aspects as guided to her for any individual from time to time.
  • Please read our Code of Ethics and Client Disclaimer before proceeding to fill the form below.

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