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  • Channeled Energy Healing ART and LOGOS ~  Art is an extremely therapeutic healing process. Artworks are being created for various therapeutic and healing purposes for all areas of life. Also customized Energy Artworks shall be made as per the required aspect of life for the individual.
    For Corporate and Organizations, channeled #logos, for #business #projects #products #films and #television as per the details of business partners, heads, director, producer, etc. are being created.
    To order a print of existing Energy Artworks, or to get Your special channeled Energy Art or Logo with guided images, colors etc., for any key aspect of your life, as per Angel Soul Guidance; Email on: queries@sahh444.inPrints available from sizes 8″ x 12″ up to 36″ x 48″ – Read the details and benefits attached and go to the Shop Section on to see the other Artworks available. Come step forward and gift it to yourself or a loved one, or get a special one made for your exclusive area of need. Existing Channeled Artworks when bought shall further be attuned to the needs and energies of the user / users as per their Full Name and Date of Birth. (c) @roshanishenazz 2018


Healing Art - Dolphin WM

Emerging Delphy is our first Energy Artwork.

Emerging Delphy – Is a channeled energy Artwork to help:

– For always building confidence and faith

– For always learning to get out of your comfort zone

– For constant development of positive attitude

– For constant development of intuitive courage

– To give constant courage to take the leap of faith and take requisite steps

– To help you dive deep in the inner space for clarity and insights

– To help in emotional balance

– To help in calming and balancing

– To help in spiritual growth by balancing the earthly and spiritual pursuits.

The Artwork can be placed anywhere you wish. You could also use it for meditative purposes for its qualities and energies to resonate more deeply in your life. Further after purchase it shall be tuned to the energy of the user / users as per the Full Name and Date of Birth.

The Energy Exchange Investment (EEI) Amount for
print size 8″ x 12″ without shipping & mounting – USD $150

For prints larger than 8″ x 12” inches – Kindly mention it in your Email Order and we shall send you the details on the amount and delivery.

Blessings for your wellbeing!


Roshani_Art_PostRoshani Shenazz - August Post - 1 - Art





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