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We conduct: Monthly Meditations, Book Readings, Spiritual Gatherings, and Social Service activities to enhance your overall spiritual and earthly growth. We believe that ‘integrating’ of spiritual and earthly pursuits is the right balance for a soul’s growth in all facets of life.



Meditations and other activities stated above are also conducted for NGOs, Hospitals, Particular Fraternity, Trauma and other Help Institutions, Homes, Government and others. Meditations, Talks and Seminars are customized for every session, institution and the end audience.

All Meditations by Roshani Shenazz have been channelled and downloaded through the Source Being. These Meditations are powerful Healing Sessions by themselves that Roshani Shenazz conducts as her give back to the World. The EEI Amounts just like all our sessions have been kept as channelled to her according to the cosmic and karmic energies of each one of them. Come and Experience the sheer joy of inner transformation by being in her energy orbit, through her sessions, meditations, talk/seminars and her powerfully transcendental workshops and training.

These sessions are an Interactive Wholelistic Living Empowerment Gatherings, dealing with various topics on spiritual aspects, myths, misconceptions, clearing of inner doubts, sharing of seeming issues and experience sharing or on Particular Topics depending upon the organization and the expected audience. These have also been conducted at various homes, where a crowd of earnest seekers gather to enrich and transform their lives.

These sessions, help in shifting towards an overall empowerment paradigm by release of fears, doubts and other lower energies by being in the collective energies of the guided answers to your innermost queries on Spirituality, Empowerment, Daily Life, Work/Life Balance, Trauma Healing and many more topics, facilitated by Roshani Shenazz. All Meditations are between 35 mins to 1 hour.

The Main Meditations already conducted across Mumbai, India and other Countries, are as below:

Soul Freedom Meditation and Deep Cleansing Power Meditation  

These are high impact, deep cleansing power meditation healing that involves many a times, past and current lives karmic closures as well. This was gifted to Roshani Shenazz to spread it far and wide as this Healing Mediation shall attune all those who go through it, not just to empty but to be at the highest frequency and vibrations and be in the flow of the ongoing and upcoming New Age Energies. A Meditation healing that she is guided to spread in every household.

Angelic Gratitude Meditation

Gratitude is the key to open the floodgates of the Universal Good. Come and experience this beautiful Meditation and let the Angels guide you to open up all inner channels to gratitude that shall help you manifest the life you wish to have. It is the Giving and Receiving that goes in a circle; First we Give (Gratitude) – then we Receive (to Give more Gratitude).

Angelic Bucket Release Meditation

When all energies are scattered, Angels help us to fill it all in a Bucket and release it to the Light. A deep cleansing power meditation that helps you collect all the unserving from within, and process it for purification, cleansing and transmutation to the Eternal Light.

Archangel Michael Invocation With Shivaic Dance Release Meditation

A powerful AA Michael Invocation to eradicate blockages, trauma, hurt or any negative entity or energies. This is followed by a powerfully channelled Shivaic Chant Music on which a Guided Meditative dance is conducted through which all deep rooted toxins are transmuted. People have experienced high energy transformation at the end of the evening and some have also tangibly lost weight after the session, due to the sheer power of the guided healing for releasing all the unserving.

Chakra and Aura Cleansing With Affirmations Meditation with Energy Locking

A beautiful soothing meditation, that cleanses our inner energy centres to help us live a healthy, balanced life. The channelled affirmations, act as a power wash to cleanse, purify and transmute all debris that may have been deposited or absorbed in the energy centres.

Angelic EFT Meditation

A breakthrough Meditation, combining the power of EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) and the protective support of your Angels. Instant breakthroughs are experienced on various aspects of life to move away from the depleting inner stories of life to energized, high power stories of new manifestations.


Additional Meditations:

Letting Go of the past Meditation

Abundance manifestation

Belief System Meditation (comes with 2 Belief charts – Dis-empowered and Empowered beliefs)

Goal setting Meditation

Optimizing Potential Meditation

Goals Visualization Meditation

Patience and Endurance Healing Meditation

Job / Career Manifestation

Connecting to your Guardian Angels and Spirit Guides Meditation

Spiritual Parenting Gratitude Meditation

Healing old Trauma Meditation

Relationship Harmony Meditation – Marriage

Relationship Harmony Meditation – Parents Friends and others


Email us your brief through the REACH US Form or by Mail to: queries@sahh444.in and we shall revert to you for a personal meeting and customized proposal of the requisite Meditation and/or Seminar or Talk.

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