Location Cleansing


Cleanse your Home, Office, Building, Plot or Location of negative energies, entities, that may have been there or absorbed. Earth exerts energy and locations thus store old energy in them, which then affects the Lives of the Living inhabitants of that place. It may be energy that has been recently absorbed or there could be Karmic Debris of years that may be resonating.

Angel Location Cleansing as gifted to Roshani Shenazz – cleanses and purifies the Earth and its 7 Chakras (just like we have Chakras, the Earth has them too.) It removes and heals karmic debris and transmutes it to the Light. It cleanses any kind of lower energy or entities that may be residing in that space. If the place has been old dilapidated, or around graveyards or any such locations then, even those lower energies connected to the space are healed and cleansed.

We day in and day out deal with people of varied energies, and the Earth by its default gravitational force absorbs all our dense energies. Thus the deposit of negativity or lower energies of any kind is continuously taking place. At times it is evidently affecting the inhabitants and their lives, and at other times, it materializes itself in different forms of unexplained, blockages in growth, health, relationships and other areas of life.

We can do Vaastu, Feng Shui or any other remedies that may bring us certain changes, but unless the ‘karmic energy of the Earth (Dharti) is not cleansed and cleared of the old debris, it shall come what may surface in some way or the other. After doing the cleansing all such external remedies also can work at their optimum potential when done.

Thus every place needs energy cleansing and then locking it with the energies of the new owners and inhabitants helps the energy to resonate in a certain positive direction. And thereafter once or twice a year cleansing depending on the inflow of people and kind of place, location, or business you may be in, it can help the space remain positive, abundant and prosperous.

Plots especially are very heavy on energy and can carry energy from ancestral or forefather times of whoever inhabited it combining it with the karmic energies of the people procuring it. Thus you may find so many real estate projects stuck due to some reason or another or some without any evident reasons. At times you may find certain locations which might have changed many shops, outlets etc., that come up but they soon shut down. These kinds of things happen when the Earth is over burdened with karmic energies or lower entities.

Move into a positive space with a positive decision and take that positive step which shall help you sculpt the life you want to live, within the beautiful space and premises you choose. Book your Location Cleansing now.

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