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Packages to Live by Your Soul Blueprint

Our Spiritual, Empowerment Mentoring Packages take your life from a point of “Break-down” to your True Self with that Internal “Break-True.” Create a breakthrough in your Life by developing your inner self with tools and exercises that help you live by your divine Soul blueprint. These sessions are for ongoing spiritual counseling / Optimizing growth and empowerment sessions for complete transformation, overall healing, mentoring, guidance and upliftment of an Individual to bring in love, joy, success and abundance by being a Balance human being.

These include the personal 1-on-1 sessions as per the package, over a period of time, which include divine tools, practical exercises, tools of releasing, manifesting, EFT & Chakra/Aura cleansing sessions, guided and scripted meditations, powerful affirmations and prayers given to you from time to time in each session, for the interim period, to help you sustain your growth and increase it more and more each day.

These are customized packages, which would involve all of the above, as per your Soul requirement and its journey to rise and shine in life. A complete history and concerns to work upon is discussed in the History sessions and then put into the requisite number of sessions chosen by you. Each session is of one hour each. You can choose from Individual or Corporate Packages for 3, 6, 8 or 12 Months.

You will learn to enhance and ascend every aspect of your being from the Inner World to your Outer World. The learning and healing in each session would include the above as per the individual’s need after the History session.

For Sign-up or Inquiries, please fill the Reach Us form and we shall send you the package details.

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