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These are Open Workshops and any individual from any walk of life who wishes to change, heal and transform his / her life and that of others around them, can sign up for these power workshops. Join our Newsletter to be updated on the schedule of all Workshops
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Empowerment with Divinity & Angel Soul Therapy Practitioner ~ Level 1 ~ An empowering, cleansing & healing Workshop. Do more than just Know Your Angels. Open up your inner intuitive channels, cleanse & heal the past & learn how to awaken to a new way of life by connecting to Your Angels & Divine Beings for Your Daily Support to live a Life of Abundance, Joy, Love & Success & help others around you do the same. (This is also the Level 1 for Angel Practitioner Workshops)

Awakening to Abundance ~ Abundance Manifestation & Moving away from Negative Patterns Workshop for releasing any blocks with Money, Career, Love, Time, Confidence, Business & Welcoming all the Universal Good. Moving towards, listening to the Higher Mind & moving to Higher Frequency, Vibrations & Reaching Higher Grounds. Move from Lack & Failure Consciousness to Abundance & Success Consciousness.

Karma, Consciousness & Universal ExistenceKarma, Consciousness & Universal Existence; are like threads interwoven to become one fabric, that comprises of our entire Lives as a Spiritual Being, living a Human existence. You will have an overall deeper understanding of our Evolution process, Karma, Freewill, life after death & much more that comprises of the very fabric & essence of our Universal Existence. The highlight of the workshop is ending it with a Powerful Karmic Healing meditation to release blockages, patterns, vows & spells carried forward in this Birth. This Healing session will help in removing karmic and lineage (family driven) blocks too.

Journey from You, Me to Us ~ The Relationship Workshop to know & rediscover Yourself & Your Partner, or Parents, Children, Employees, etc. better & Heal any Unwanted Blocks, Issues, that may be blocking the blossoming of a harmonious relationship or work.

Spiritual Parenting ~ A workshop to handle all the New Age children, the crystal and indigo children, to handle the karmic and physical responsibility towards special abilities children and having the understanding of the true potential, strengths, weaknesses and their life path ahead. A beautiful workshop to weave a deeper bond and eradicate all and any generation gaps, genetic patterns that may obstructing the path of a happy family life.

Healing the Inner Child ~ Heal Yourself from old trauma, childhood or past life fears/phobias/inhibitions with a powerful journey with the Angels, through Affirmations, EFT, Creative Visualizations, Art, Music, Meditations, Deep Chakra Cleansing, to heal the Inner Child & awakening it to live a Healthy & Abundant Life

Trigger to Tripper ~ The Anger & Stress Management Workshop. To understand these lower emotions, their tricks, patterns & simple ways & techniques on how to resolve them to heal your life of toxins that erode you without you consciously knowing about it.

Symbols Power ~ Learn the Key Angelic, Kabalistic and Other Important Symbols and their Healing Powers. Brief knowledge of key Crystals & their Properties is also taught.

Reiki ~ Heal Yourself & Others with the Power of the Life Force Energy ~ Levels 1, 2 & 3 (This is done with our loving affiliate partner & Reiki Master)

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