We shall soon be uploading some guided mediations that are channelled to Roshani, from Higher Beings. These will be short and quick Meditations for everyday use that will help you move towards choosing Your Path Ahead & manifesting an abundant, joyful & healthful Life. Stay Tuned for the Announcement.


Roshani Shenazz conducts Monthly Meditations in Mumbai and during her Traveling Workshops. She also conducts Guided Meditations for Corporate / Organizational seminars, workshops, evenings, meets and other gatherings.

Few of the © Guided Meditations are mentioned below:

They are highly powerful and have created immense transformations and healing in the past. Most of the Meditations are for 45 minutes to an hour while some are for 30 minutes.

  • Soul Freedom Meditation Healing
  • Deep Cleansing Power Meditation
  • Archangel Michael Invocation with Shivaic Dance Release Meditation
  • Abundance manifestation
  • Angelic Gratitude Meditation
  • Angelic Bucket Release Meditation
  • Deep Chakra Cleansing with Affirmations Meditation
  • Goals Visualization Meditation
  • Angelic EFT Healing
  • Relationship Harmony Meditation

We have the shorter 15 to 20 minutes © Guided Meditations for the fast paced lives that we have.

  • Instant fear and anxiety / worry release
  • Instant relaxation and calming
  • Instant Anger Tripper
  • Instant Past Erasing
  • Instant protection from energy based fears (like place, ghostly feeling, evil eye, etc)
  • Instant energy boost for creative thoughts
  • Instant harmony with self and relationships
  • Instant daily goal visualization
  • Instant daily gratitude meditation
  • Instant Inner Negative chatter healing meditation and technique
  • Instant detach from drama of life
  • Instant Self Love meditation

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