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What is Angel Soul Therapy Reading?

Angel Soul Therapy Reading is a Reading done through Angel Cards and Intuitive Channeling. It is channeled guidance received from the Guardian Angels of the Person & Higher Angels, Ascended Masters, Spirit Guides & other Divine Beings. In this Reading the Reader connects to the Energy of the Client & through that, to Their Guardian Angels, other Archangels & Divine Beings to bring forth a funneled guidance for the Clients’ Life Path to heal or transform any areas of life and move towards reinventing your lives to live by the Soul blueprint and Wholeistic Living ™. Thus it is like a ‘Staple Diet’ of Your Life, which is brought to You through the Divine Channels.

How is different from any other Psychic Readings?

Unlike a normal psychic reading or horoscope, The Angel Soul Therapy Readings are not simply a fortune telling tool. These Readings not only answer your questions, but they surface the roots of your innermost issues, blocks & patterns, whether Karmic or Connected to this Lifetime, that are responsible for the stumbles in your Life. It brings out the blocks & their related solutions, healings, prayers which are channeled through the Reading. So the reading is an advice & guidance directly from the sources of the Creator Himself & in sync with Your Divine Plan of Life. Thus, Angels, are not mere Fortune Tellers but our divine task force for Healing & Guidance, to bring us onto our Divine Life Path. There is a high level of protection and healing involved in these Readings as the Energy in this is locked to receive Guidance only from the Messengers of God and Higher Light Beings – unlike any other occult based practices.

My Religion does not permit me to believe in Angels. Will that effect? Or can I still come for an Angel ST Reading?

Considering everyone’s’ primary conditioning in Life, we would STRONGLY like to emphasize and make clear that ANGELS have NO RELIGION. They are non denominational sources of Light, and are there for the Benefit of the Inhabited Universe irrespective of our Earthly Religions & other discrimination. Every Soul has minimum 2 Guardian Angels assigned from Birth to Death. It’s our Freewill of the Soul whether to take their assistance or not.

How can I come for an Angel Soul Therapy Reading?

You need to fill in the Form in the “Reach Us” Tab on the Home Page. We shall get back to you with a suitable slot that the Angels assign for You. The slot is channeled in a meditation session, and thus might vary when exactly you’d get a slot, as it depends on the Souls’ energy and how ready it is to absorb & implement the guidance that it is going to receive. Nonetheless feel free to state your urgency in the Query section of the form, we do put that in the meditation while asking for Your slot. Or You can Call or Email us & then before the Time slot allocated to you, Fill the Form & send us. The Form Filling is Mandatory before coming for the appointment.

What is the process for an Angel Soul Therapy Reading?

Every session is unique since each person’s needs are very different. The Reader connects with the Clients Energy & through that to their Guardian Angels & other Divine Beings. We advice, when you receive a reading, it’s useful to stay out of your analytical mind as much as possible. Some things a reader says will immediately make sense to you. Other things you hear won’t make any sense to you at that moment. This is natural. Readings often take a while to sink in and digest. Sometimes it will take a couple of hours, sometimes a couple of weeks, sometimes but rarely, a few months, and most unlikely that sometimes even a few years!

What healing do you provide? How will the Angel Card Soul Therapy Reading heal me?

After an initial confidential consultation (READING) and discussion, maybe various counseling and meditation/guided healing sessions are advised for the Client. At times during a Reading, Angel prayers & affirmations are given to the Person to follow for a particular number of times, for a certain period of days, etc. for the Cleansing Period until the main Healing Sessions are done. It is the Freewill of the Client whether they would like to do the Healing Sessions or Not.

I want an instant remedy to my issues; will this provide instant remedy?

Do Read Our Code of Ethics. Though there are remedies for everything, the timelines is a subjective matter related to each individual. It is like cleaning a room. For example; a room which is closed for 2 days would take 3 hours to clean, closed for a week would take 6 hours, closed for 6 months+ would take ‘X’ days to clean it totally. That’s exactly how our Inner / Etheric Body & Spirit work. Depending on how much cleansing is required, that many sessions / time span, taken for the issue to be resolved along with the guided human actions that a Client is asked to take during the Reading – which could be to change certain ways of thinking or doing things, incorporating healthful habits and patterns, forgiving or so on. But with surrender, unconditional faith & trust many a Clients have seen a turnaround in miraculous timelines. There are no Instant Miracles, or Instant Coffee and Noodles in Divinity, but yes our 100% efforts and unshaken faith, along with the Divine Grace combined can bring instantaneous results and healing too. Do Read our Testimonials for more comfort and assurance on the Path ahead.

How many people can come together for a Reading / Healing Session?

The Reading / Healing is an individual session as under the Ethics of Healing the Reader cannot keep away anything that is conveyed in the session and it may be so that certain things you don’t want anyone else to know.

But it also happens that, some Husband-Wives, Parent-Siblings or best friends, do consciously come together for a Reading so that they can improve & heal their relationship together, without the blame game or the feeling that the other is cooking up something in case they have individually come and taken Guidance. Healing Sessions are Totally Individualistic. We cannot have medicines for another person and then expect them to get well and vice-versa.

How are the Healing Processes done & how do they help?

Healing processes are done through various methods. Majorly all healings done with us are through the channeled and Gifted Healing sessions done by Roshani Shenazz through Angel Soul Therapy. She also as guided may use REIKI (She is a Reiki Master as well). The various sessions are Guided Meditation Healings for – Soul, Karmic, Chakra & Aura Healing, Abundance, Relationships, Phobias, Inner Child, Past Life, and other sessions. The sessions are very powerful and all sessions are done only as per what is guided for each individual in their Respective Angel Soul Therapy Readings. We do not directly do any healing sessions unless Roshani Shenazz has received guidance about it directly through the Reading done by her.

How does Chakra Cleansing work? Can I just cleanse my Aura or does it have to be together?

With the cleansing & balancing of the Chakras the Person immediately feels a change in the whole being. In a balanced Chakra system, each Chakra works at its optimum level, emitting crystal clear light waves (Aura) and making us feel healthy and vital to operate through our Higher Mind & make the right choices along our Life Path. But a porous Aura can be still affected by absorbing negativity from surrounding people, places or situations & therefore should be cleansed & healed separately in the session. Aura is the energy field that surrounds us. We are all electromagnetic fields and this energy field is called the Aura. This energy emits from the energy centers which we call as Chakras. It is directly connected to the health of the Chakra. So if the Chakras are filled with debris and clogged or depleted, the Aura emitted will be of lower frequency, weak, depleted, broken or porous. Thus it is important to cleanse, heal, balance and align the Chakras and cleanse the Aura along with it in the same session. Only cleansing the Aura is like cleansing the Surface and leaving the inner vessel filled with dirt and muck. The same applies for the Chakras, that if you only clean Chakras and not the Aura it would like, cleaning the inner vessel but not the black muck on the surface that gathered on the burnt vessel, which can further dirty your hands or wherever it touches.

Is the Reading a general one, or can you address a specific problems such as personal problem, career problems?

We have various kinds of Readings & Services (Please look at the Top Tabs of all our Services).

Is there any age restriction? Or people of which age group can come for Reading or Healing?

The Reading can be for Any Person of Any Age but Children below 18 Years of Age have to be accompanied by a Parent / Guardian. Readings and crucial guidance has even emerged from the souls of unborn kids Angels and given imperative guidance, warnings or precautions for pregnancy stages / delivery time.

What workshops or seminars do you offer?

You can Connect To Your Divine Guidance Through Our Life-changing Workshops. Please go through our Tab “Workshops & Events” and the related drop down list. Then go to the Form in the “Reach Us” section, and state which ones would you be interested in and sign up for our Newsletter through you shall know the schedule. The schedule section gives you the dates that are already channelled & also informs you about other Key Worldwide Spiritual Workshops & Seminars.

I am not in Mumbai/ India how could you help me & do you travel outside Mumbai/India?

Yes, in cases where it is imperative, or for Outstation Workshops, Seminars and Events, Roshani Shenazz travels out of Mumbai / India, whereby all Travel, Boarding & Lodging arrangements are borne by the Client. The Time Exchange amount of the Reading or Healing or Workshop & it’s Requirements as per the specification is communicated to the Client while taking the appointment.
But, rest all out of Mumbai Sessions are done through Distant / Absent Healing and Healing & Reading Sessions, through, Skype & Telephone as well as Energy has No Time & Space.

Who should / can attend the Workshop?

Our Workshops can be attended by anyone and everyone who wishes to REVIVE, REJUVENATE AND REINVENT their lives for living a Wholeistic Living ™

Where do you conduct your workshops?

Most of our Workshops are in Mumbai and others where Roshani Shenazz is facilitated to conduct the same. Roshani Shenazz also travels for any outstation Corporate, Group, Organization or offsite Workshops and Events. We also do Meditation Retreats & Other Holy Places Trips & Advance Learning – Energy Healing Courses and Training and other Consciousness Enhancement Workshops at such Holy and other Energetic locations across India and Abroad.

What is the EEI (Energy Exchange Investment) for the Angel Soul Therapy Reading / Healing Sessions?

All Readings & Services have a different Time EEI Amount. When you are allotted a slot for the service you asked for, the Amount will be mentioned to You. You are free to decide at that very point, in case you don’t wish to go ahead with the Service through a written Mail.
The EEI Amount for all the Services is personally informed/discussed with each client when you’re allotted a Slot. Each Amount has been channeled through Angel Meditation & Dowsing. Money is the Universal Energy Exchange on this Planet. Therefore a particular Reading / Healing, needs to balance in a karmic way equivalent to the strength of that particular Energy in the Cosmic Space; between the Therapist & the Client so as not have any karmic balances on each other. Therefore each Service has a different amount channeled by the Angels as per the Cosmic Exchange of EACH. Any Manifestation Services which are subjective, each time the amount is channeled before doing the Service & informed to the Client who can decide whether to go ahead with it or not.

Are there any pre requisites for attending the Angel Reading / Healing Sessions or Workshops?

The only pre-requisite is your Faith & Trust in the Divine Power that Rules the Universe, and the Divinity within Yourself. But Yes, there are certain DONTs One Night Prior to Reading / Healing Sessions & Workshops like:
NO : Non-Vegetarian Food, Alcohol, Caffeine, Coffee, Cold Drinks, Chocolates, Pastries, and Cheese. NO BLACK OR VERY DARK CLOTHES.
Tea & Fresh Juices are totally fine.

Is this a general Reading or can you address a specific problems such as personal problem, career problems?

We have various kinds of Readings & Services (You can also look at the Tab “Wholeistic Services” and the related drop down list)

1. Angel Card Reading (General & for all Specific Purposes & Life Path)
2. Dream Interpretation Readings & Healings with Angels
3. Different Angel / Reiki Healing (Involves, Emotional, Physical, Chakra, Aura, Soul Healing)
4. Spiritual Counseling Sessions (these too are channeled)
5. Knowing your Guardian Angels Reading
6. Channeling Message Sessions from Divine Guides
7. Distant Healing & Distant Reading over Telephone, Email, Skype.
8. Reading for keeping or changing Names of Company / project / film / child etc.
9. Energy / Entity Release / Evil Eye, Nazar Removal etc.
10. Manifestation Healings
11. Home / Office buying /renting choice readings etc.
12. Home / Office Cleansing sessions

Sparkling Angels Wholeistic Living and Holistic Healing works towards the Holistic Healing & Therapy of the Mind, Body, Soul/Spirit & Emotions and to bring them into Harmony & Alignment, for a Better, Joyful, Prosperous Life, and Help YOU work towards the Manifestations for the Emotional, Mental, Physical, Financial & Spiritual Well Being.


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