The only point of change in the Universe is You. When you heal and change yourself,
everything and everyone around you changes! – Roshani Shenazz

A life altering program to learn how to heal and transform your life and that of others with the help of angels. Receive energy attunements to open up and polish your inner channels of divine communication. Go through deep soul healing and empowerment to learn the tools and techniques of Spiritual guidance, healing and over all growth.

Learn all about the very fabric of existence, karmic chapters, toxic emotions, chakras, angel cards, angel numbers, angel healing, mudras, sacred geometry and much more…

If you truly want to transform from Within and not just be a mechanical counselor of words that you read on the Cards, but be able to purely and truly go within and explore the actual essence of the Messages from the Angels and directly get channeled information through various ways beyond the Cards, then OUR WORKSHOP IS FOR YOU.

This is a Powerful 3 days workshop for one and all. Whether you are already a healing medium of any other modality, this Workshop will help you to powerfully help in enhancing your practice and helping you protect yourself from any kind of Energy effects that you be facing. The reason is, Angels and Divinity are not a Therapy. They are with all of us and They are our Birthright. The Therapy is for the Soul to cleanse, clear, purify and make best of the available invisible task force that our Divine Creator has provided to us, to help us walk the Path of Light and be the optimum best of who we can be in all aspects of our Lives. Every creation on this Planet has Guardian Angels, Archangels, Guides, Master Souls and all other Divine task force for their upliftment and soul growth, for the well-being of the entire Planet and Creation. They are but different means and routes to reach the God within each of us and to awaken that God Energy that is in deep slumber in most of the human beings.

This is a highly Deep Cleansing Workshop with Healings, Channeled from the Higher Beings and Consciousness; to Roshani Shenazz; to elevate You to the Next Level in your Spiritual and Physical Life to Meet the New You.

This Level 1 is to empty yourself from the unserving past and teach you tools on how to unmanifest all that is unserving in your daily life, releasing old patterns and to move towards manifesting only that which is for your Highest Good. For any spiritual growth, shedding and releasing are the most important aspects. This workshop is for you, whether you just want to improve your and family’s life or later become a Professional Angel Soul Therapy Reading & Healing Medium (after Level 2) to improve the Lives of others and the World at large.

As Angels say, it is important to empty yourself First of the toxic past, so that you have space for the new, fresh and vital and can make best use of the Attuned Energies infused during this Workshop, to Prepare YOU for a Beautiful Life Ahead of helping yourself, family & world at large.

Our Workshop Uniqueness is:

  1. Our workshop contains 30% of knowledge of Angel Theory and 70% of directly channeled information, exercises and Divine Wisdom received from the Source Energy, which is actually the Key to become an accurate Channel of Divine services of any Guidance Reading, Healing or Learning.
  2. We Mentor our Participants & nurture them, guide them constantly post workshop through dedicated groups on Whats App & Facebook adding that personal touch of almost mentoring them as Divine Children.

Our Participants have transformed to become great siblings, spouses, parents, employees, healing/reading mediums, entrepreneurs, bosses, homemakers and above all a Higher Frequency Human Being who understands the unlimited potential of the Being inside of them and operates out of His or Her Own Divinity and have thus become The One who, “RESPONDS TO LIFE AND NOT REACTS TO LIFE.”

Workshop Contents:

~ Knowing Your Angels.
~ What are the Attributes & Specific areas Healing of each Angel.
~ How & which Color Light & Angel helps for what attribute & aspect of our Lives.
~ Knowing yourself, Universal Awareness, Why are we here?
~ How to develop your Spiritual Intuitive Self, Polishing your Intuitions & Clairs.
~ Karma, Soul Contracts and Karmic Chapters
~ Toxic Emotions, Foods and other toxic elements
~ Sacred Geometry
~ Mudras for Spiritual and Earthly benefits of health, abundance, etc.
~ Angel Numbers
~ Chakras and the entire MBS System
~ Handling of Inner Devils like, Envy, Anger, Gossip, Comparison, self Sabotage, Old Patterns etc.
~ Cleansing & Locking Energy to protect yourself, belongings, family & loved ones.
~ Learn about Angel Healing of Forgiveness/ Cord cutting, Grounding & Release, Detoxifying, Chakra Cleansing and Healing
~ Angel Cards Cleansing & Reading/ Intuitive Reading with unknown partners at Workshop.
~ Psychic Partner exercise
~ One Card Angel Reading with Roshani Shenazz, for each Participant + channeled messages during the participant sharing of the healing processes

For souls who wish to move further as Angel Soul Therapy Practitioners we have Level 2 and Level 3 and other Intensives of Transformational Awakening Workshop. There is no instant magic in divinity; but there are instant and distant miracles when we co-create our highest good with these divine beings.

EEI (Energy Exchange Investment) amount shall be mailed to interested Participants during each announcement of dates. The EEI amount includes: Workshop Fees, Training Certification, an Extensive ASTP Manual, Stationary, an Angel Gift, along with Veg Lunch and two times Tea with Light Snacks on all three days. (The Veg Lunch is applicable only in Mumbai and certain Cities in India. Most International Workshops barring one or two countries, do not include Lunch.)





This workshop is designed to focus and work towards your Abundance Consciousness, your blocks towards Money energy and other related matters. The empowering Opening your Gateways to Abundance Healing Meditation shall open your inner channels, to receive all the Universal Good, Love and Prosperity in your life that will further pave your Path towards people, opportunities, emotions and thoughts that are for your Highest Good to make you the best version of yourself in whatever you do by implementation of life changing techniques.

Three things in life that, once gone, never come back:


  • What are the ingredients of Lack Consciousness
  • How has your childhood and other experiences contributed to your relationship with money, abundance and prosperity
  • Techniques to know your deep rooted reasons of the particular seeming problems with money and abundance
  • Exercises to find out your money beliefs, karmic blocks and resolve remedies through different techniques
  • How to shift your consciousness from lack to abundance and prosperity
    Power visualization and affirmations for aligning your consciousness to abundance and prosperity
  • Ending with a Powerful Angelic Abundance Healing and Aligning Meditation
  • Transcending beliefs and patterns that are unserving
  • Dealing with challenges and turning them to opportunities
  • 103 Belief blocks to Success and Prosperity
  • The Real Secret to the Secret of Manifestation. The bridging of the Real GAP from Visualization to Manifestation. And Unlearn and Learn the Right Steps to Manifestation
  • Understanding of Mind Potential and leveraging it
  • Learn the inner Spiritual and Emotional Quotient and the SQ EQ and IQ relationship
  • Goal Setting, Abundance Cheque and Vision Board Creation
  • Power Techniques and Magnetic Affirmations

Awakening to Abundance; is a deep cleansing and clearing workshop for paving the path towards abundance and prosperity. Abundance Consciousness is the driving factor of the same and many people do many a thing in the external world to struggle for this abundance, with least results. The reason is the internal belief system that is operating with you. You are either operating in the Abundance or Lack Consciousness. This workshop traverses you, to move away from all Lack thinking, beliefs and thus Lack Consciousness and steer you towards the greater pastures to experience Abundance in all aspects of Life; be it Money, Love, Time, or Resources to accomplish your Life Purpose.

What You’ll Unlearn and Learn with Roshani from this Highly Transformative Workshop

“What are your major belief blocks, emotional blocks, karmic blocks and energy blocks with Abundance and Prosperity.”
“How yo-U have been yoUr Biggest Block and The Techniques to Tap into the Power Within YOU to Transform YOU from the Lack to Abundance and Prosperity Consciousness.”
“The Real Secret to the Secret of Manifestation. The bridging of the Real GAP from Visualization to Manifestation. Unlearn and Learn the Right Steps to Manifestation.”

After this transformational workshop, you shall meet the New You to: 

  • Be the best version of yourself
  • Open your discerning and intuitive channels of decision making
  • Live with a mindset of Spiritual Freedom that brings with it, Emotional Freedom, Financial Freedom, Mental Freedom, Physical Freedom
  • Learn time Management and Work life balance
  • Have the compassion towards creating great interpersonal relationships and interactions
  • Be able to franchise your thoughts and visions to others in a balanced way
  • Tap into your innermost potential and create new revenue models, streams or services based on your skillsets, talents and gifts
  • Welcome abundance and prosperity in all aspects of life
  • Combat and tackle daily demons of anger, fear, anxiety, jealousy, comparison, worry, tension, unforgiveness and stress
  • Break free from limited belief systems and baggage, break-free from old sabotaging Beliefs, release trauma and other debris, let go of your past and its negative effects and solve life situations with ease and grace
  • Know the thinking of an abundant mindset
  • Overall move up in your life and shift from all and any Tragic to incredible Magic

In a nutshell this is your ‘time’ to take these ‘words’ seriously and grab the ‘opportunity’ to commence your journey to take a full ‘u turn’ from lack consciousness to abundance and prosperity consciousness!

Practical implementation of life’s transformational techniques: 

A thorough cathartic and break-true Workshop with easy implementable ways towards the life you desire and design.  Participants shall go through many break free techniques and exercises that shall make you believe in your own magnificence and unlimited potential

Who could be the participant for this Workshop? 

A person who knows he has the ability to achieve much more to than he thought. Anyone from 13 years upwards as we form our basic patterns of life from 0 to 13 years.

You could be a Professional from any field or walk of life, or a Corporate Professional, Business Person, a Student, Teacher, Parent, Homemaker, or even a retired personnel who believes age is no limit to change your life to a desired one.

Remember Time, Words and Opportunities that pass by never Return

EEI (Energy Exchange Investment) amount Includes: Abundance Workshop Fees, Opening Gateways of Abundance Healing, Comprehensive learning and techniques Manual, Abundance Meditation Script, Stationary Kit, Vegetarian Lunch, Tea, Snacks, an Abundance Gift and participation Certificate.



Karma, Consciousness & Universal Existence; are like threads interwoven to become one fabric, that comprises of our entire Lives as a Spiritual Being, living a Human existence. But our limited minds & awareness creates a separation between them, just like the separation we create, between ourselves & the God Energy.

We sometime or the other, have these questions that emerge in our lives:

* Why were you born to the said parents, or in the said country & share that love, or hurt, hatred & unforgiveness connected to them?
* Why do you keep having a constant patten of attracting certain kind of people or situations in your life?
* Why have you gone through certain turmoils or particular episodes in your life?
* Why do you manifest illnesses, or be accident prone or have other blockages?

What is Consciousness, Collective Consciousness, Awareness & what level of Awareness / Consciousness are you operating from?

To understand all the above, and know how & if you have carried forward any Karmic lineage patterns or blockages, vows, or spells from other lifetimes, this workshop will take your Universal wisdom about Your own existence & that of others around you, to another level.
You will no more feel hounded by these questions & thus, be able to come towards their solutions & healing through Divine help.
You will have an overall deeper understanding of our Evolution process, Karma, Freewill, life after death & much more that comprises of the very fabric & essence of our Universal Existence.
The highlight of the workshop is ending it with a Powerful Karmic Healing meditation to release blockages, patterns, vows & spells carried forward in this Birth. This Healing session will help in removing karmic and lineage (family driven) blocks.

Major part of the workshop, would be of awareness of the Karmic Process, Evolution & moving towards Liberation to Realization and knowing what all we create in our lives and why. Includes any channeled messages received for participants through the day, along with a 1 Card Angel Reading for Each Participant prior to the Healing Meditation.

So book yourself, to be with the other participants who would comprise of your Soul Group, to take together, this unveiling journey of deeper understanding of our Universal Existence & know that every person or experience we bring into our lives is for a reason & a season.     

EEI (Energy Exchange Investment) amount Includes: Workshop investment, Lunch, Tea, Snacks, Stationary Kit, and Participation Certificate.



A Workshop for Your Little Prince or Princess filled with fun loving, empowering activities, teaching, learning, sharing & tapping into their true Divinity within; at the right & ripe formative ages of their lives between 5 years to 13 years.

Our Workshop Uniqueness is:

1. Our workshop contains 15% of knowledge of the Main 4 Angels & 85% of directly channeled exercises & Divine Wisdom received from the Divine Source itself which will help your Angel to process the unwanted & learn to manifest his / her goodness in everything around.
2. The Last One Hour of the Workshop 1 Parent will be asked to come so that They can be informed of what to help with for the overall growth. A 1 card Angel Reading for the child is given to the Parent.
3. We shall Mentor our Participants through their parents & nurture them, guide them, constantly post workshop through dedicated groups on Whats App for the parents & recap session for the Angels, thus, adding that personal touch of almost mentoring them as Divine Children.

As a Parent;

* Did You know that the most formative years of the Conscious Mind where it starts forming conscious patterns & beliefs is from 5 years onwards?
* Do You feel that for a child it’s not just the IQ but also their EQ (Emotional Quotient) & SQ (Spiritual Quotient) which is important in their overall growth process?
* Do You feel that today’s child needs a different way of up bringing than how you were raised by your parents?
* Do You want your Child to rise above all hurdles of life and learn the basics of human love, harmony, peace, sharing etc., at an early age?
* Do You want your Child to create a beautiful Pathway for his / her life ahead, while staying on the Path of Love, Peace & Oneness?
* Do You want your Child to manifest goodness and nothing but goodness in all that he/she thinks, speaks or does?
* Do You want your Child to know the difference between the seeming good & the seeming bad in a loving, nurturing way?
* Do You want your Child to know his / her potential, strengths & weakness & how to strengthen/overcome them?
* Do You want your Child to learn sharing, creativity, learning as a group, helping & teamwork?
* Do You want your Child to respect everyone & everything around it?
* Do You want your Child to do away with unwanted habits or patterns that you’ve observed in them already?

Do You want your Child to be a fantastic Universal Citizen?
If it is a YES, for all or any of the above questions, then YOU will definitely take that Step Forward to send your kid to our Lovely Child Friendly workshop that will nurture their young, soft, mouldable minds & help them understand, know & experience Their True Self, Potential & Weaknesses too & how to overcome those in loving ways.

One must know that, The Only Point of Change in this Universe is YOU! You cannot change Anyone or Anything; But when you Heal & Change Yourself; Everything & Everyone around You Changes. And that needs to be imprinted in the little Angels.
If you are guided & interested to Change the Life of Your little Angel in it’s True Sense; then you shall encourage your Child to be there for this transformational workshop.

EEI (Energy Exchange Investment) amount Includes: Workshop investment, Angel Manual, lunch, snacks, creative kit, stationary kit, an Angel gift and Participation Certificate.


Our Signature Retreat with Roshani Shenazz

[3 Days, 5 Days and 9 Days Intensive]

* Transformational Awakening ~ An all-encompassing Intensive Retreat for a radical Paradigm Shift in Life for ascension in your spiritual and earthly pursuits, growth and success.


List of All Workshops Corporate and Individual

* Transformational Leadership;

* Inspirational Leadership;

* Inspirational Engineering – The Paradigm Shift of Belief System;

* The Inverted Pyramid – You can Make a Difference;

* Corporate Mindfulness and Trust Building;

* Connect To Your Inner Mind – Deep Rooted Inner Engineering;

* Work-Life Balance;

* Knowing Yourself – Break Free from Limitations;

* Trigger to Tripper ~ Anger/Stress Management;

* Optimizing Individual/Team Potential; 

* Awakening To Abundance ~ The journey from lack to abundance and prosperity Consciousness in money, love, and growth in all areas of life;

* Inspirational Nurturers ~ An Educator’s / Top Management Workshop;

* Transformational GenX – A Parent/Student Workshop

* Spiritual Parenting and Mentoring ~ A Parent Workshop

* Meditation and Relaxation Seminars and Retreats;

* Other Spiritual and Inner/Outer Growth Workshops and Retreats

  • Level One ~ Empowerment with Divinity and Angel Soul Therapy Practitioner Level 1
  • Level Two ~ Angel Soul Therapy Practitioner and Healing Medium
  • Level Three ~ Angel Soul Therapy Practitioner and Soul Ascension
  • Journey from You, Me to Us ~ A Relationship Healing Workshop
  • Magic of Life – A 6 to 13 years and 14 to 19 years of age Workshop for children and teens
  • Meditation Retreats for all Age groups and diverse walks of life

*   All above Workshops done as non-residential and residential offsite Retreat Formats
* Seminars on Women Empowerment, Trauma Healing, Motivation, Leadership and other Insipirational Talks done for NGOs, Organizations and Companies.


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