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About Us

Roshani Shenazz Nadirshah, a media and films professional for 23 years, embraced her spiritual calling in the year 2010 and is now the founder of Sparkling Angels Wholeistic Living and Holistic Healing and Meher Roshani Foundation in Mumbai.

She is an approved and an accredited Therapist and Training Provider, with the International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine (IPHM) UK. She’s a Holistic Healing Medium, a Wholeistic Living Spiritual Coach, Mentor and an Author, who always blends spiritual guidance, healing, counseling and coaching with not just Spiritual intellect, but with great love, compassion and an inner drive to abide by her calling to transform as many lives as possible and ultimately make them ‘Spiritually Independent’ by taking them through the journey of recognizing their own Divinity and that of others, and the whole of Creation. Roshani’s mission is to empower and inspire as many souls across the world to discover their true selves, their passions, their life purpose, their own divinity and that of others, and ultimately serve as a Universal Citizen by being the best version of who they can truly be, while igniting the inner Light of many along the way.

She conducts empowerment and growth workshops, guidance/healing/mentoring sessions, meditations and spiritual and other transformational retreats, for individuals, corporate, organizations, educational and other institutions. The workshops she does, revolve around several themes, and are all endeavored, for making a difference to the Society in their overall enablement, inner remedial and moving towards a better life, with positive developments and transformations in their life and that of others.

Her guidance through online blogs / spiritually channeled and guided messages, affirmations, quotes and much more have contributed to changing many lives even without any physical interaction with her. There continue to be phenomenal changes, healings, miracles and transformations that have taken place for many people, in these five plus years of her life altering work and services. She endeavors to help everyone that she can, to raise their consciousness to not just have an abundant, healthy and successful life for themselves, but through that innermost makeover be able to contribute to the Society and World at large as a Citizen of the Universe. She travels all over India and World destinations, with her workshops and empowerment sessions to empower more and more people.


Considering our primary conditioning in Life, we would STRONGLY like to emphasize and make clear that ANGELS have NO RELIGION. They are non-religious, non-denominational Light Beings, who have been created by God, way before creation came into existence and are there for the Benefit of the Inhabited Universe irrespective of our earthly religions and other discrimination.

Angel Soul Therapy ™ (AST) Readings and Healings are a staple diet for your individual soul.
The AST Readings are through Channeled Guidance received from the Guardian Angels of the Person and their Archangels, Ascended Masters, Spirit Guides and other Divine Beings including your Higher Self. Unlike a normal psychic reading, or fortune telling or horoscope, The Angel Soul Therapy Readings not only answer your questions, but they surface your innermost issues and blocks that are responsible for the stumbles in your Life. It brings out the blocks, their related solutions, healing, prayers which are channeled through the Reading or to the Reader directly through various Mediums and Clair. So each Reading is a much deeper advice and guidance received directly from the sources of the Creator Himself and in sync with Your Divine Plan of Life, as per your Soul Blueprint. Thus as Angels said; “It is like the staple diet of your life.”

Angel Soul Therapy (Readings and Healings) can then improve the optimism and motivation about our lives and our real dreams by awakening our spiritual consciousness and cleansing us of our emotional baggage which is the cause of all distress and discomfort. It helps us to increase our awareness about the World around us at all levels, to have courage to ask for Guidance and to look at any obstacles differently; where we start to Respond to them rather than React to them. Angel Soul Therapy helps in not just Curing the seeming problems or ailments, but Healing them completely, as curing is suppressing, and healing is eradicating it from the roots.

We help our Clients through our various services to integrate life as a “Whole”. As guided we also help our Clients with Healing via REIKI through the Usui system of Natural Healing and other guided ways like prayers, affirmations, AST guided Bach flower therapy, AST guided EFT and other techniques that surface through their own individual guidance sessions. We together, touch upon, heal and co-create your Highest good through various methods suitable to You as an individual as per your soul constitution.

Our AST Readings and Healing are supported by Affirmations and Angel Prayers that help you through the Healing and Cleansing process. The guidance is received from the Higher Energies and therefore Angels say it is ‘as good as a Stapled Diet for Your Life’.

We are here to help you, work towards the Wholeistic Living and Holistic Healing Therapy for your mind, body, soul/spirit and emotions helping you to bring them into harmony and alignment, for a better, healthful, joyful and prosperous life and to work towards your manifestations for the emotional, mental, physical, financial and spiritual well-being.

We have a souls coming to us from all walks of life and Roshani Shenazz aims:
• To empower the Society by making every person “Spiritually Independent” to have a healthy, abundant, and successful life, so that each person in turn, can serve as a Universal Citizen, serving Humanity and Creation in their own small or big way.
• To be the torch bearer and take empowered Spiritual and Earthly education to every corner of the World to raise the Universal Consciousness, as she believes and lives the fact that, Spiritual or any earthly knowledge and education can only become Wisdom; when it is lived.

Just know that, When Your Guidance is Due You shall either be made to walk up to the Source or the Source brought to you. We shall be more than blessed to be that Source and serve You through our Divine Therapeutic Gifts. Roshani Shenazz always believes to be in Divine Service always and lives with the ultimate Truth, that she is Not the Doer.

For your Personal Appointments or Workshop registrations please Fill the Reach Us Form so that we have all your details to channel a slot for you as guided by the Angels.
There are strict Code of Ethics that we follow and rest assured that highest levels of confidentiality are maintained at all times. At SAHH, we help you to open the doors to your divine guidance; for a loving, healthy, joyous, successful and abundant life.

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Love, Light & Grace,

For, Sparkling Angels Wholeistic Living and Holistic Healing,
Roshani (Shenazz Nadirshah) [Roshani is my Spiritual Name, gifted by my Eternal Master Avatar Meher Baba through HIS, close disciple Mandali Member dearest Bhauji (Late. Shri Bhau Kalchuri)]

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