Meditation – Your friendly empowerment tool

Meditation – Your friendly empowerment tool

This post is inspired as a follow up on a post on Social Media sometime back, which talked about how beneficial it is for our productivity, to meditate daily.

I commented on the post that, it’s so true that it is our simplest empowerment tool, but we need to create more awareness about Meditation itself. This is because many people get dissuaded from Meditation due to the lofty perceptions and misconceptions connected to the practice which we hear and read through all the technology influx. People usually get overwhelmed and most think it’s not their cup of tea.

But that’s not so. Meditation is a simple igniting point that is dormant within each of us. It helps us to connect to our main inner switch. It’s got nothing new to bring in, but rather bring out the best that’s latent within each of us. It helps to clear the veils and cobwebs of confusion, fears and ego based attributes.

Try and do this most simple thing as shared in the image and begin as less as 5 minutes daily and graduate slowly to more time that you can spend with your inner silence. If you wish, plug in some soul soothing music. In case you feel the need to have an object of focus, then you could do so by focusing on a candle, on a Mantra or the Name of God you most feel connected to or nothing at all.

Make meditation, your friend, your partner in your spiritual growth. Just Be, and move into your Beingness. ☀️ @roshanishenazz 2019

Stay Blessed 🌟 Keep Shining
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     Simple Steps to your Inner World – Meditation Image Source: Online (Anonymous)

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