What is a Spiritual Name? – Roshani

What is a Spiritual Name? – Roshani

A Spiritual Name is not a fad or a style impression. It is a new birth to live Your new destiny with new consciousness, heightened awareness and oneness. It may come to us as God’s Gift to lead a life of higher purpose.

Our Names have vibrations just like all words do. A Spiritual Name comes to us to leave behind our old life and its patterns. It serves as an anchor connected to The Source. It’s needs to be meditated upon and lived internally and externally by the calling out of people addressing you with it. Your name then starts drawing the vibrations for self and others who receive what they have to from you, at a spiritual level. It then acts as a power point that emits energy everytime the switch is turned on, or a power word / Mantra that draws higher energy frequency when called out.

Our birth name is our label, and at times, more than us it is the people around us that are stuck with this labeled identity which may dissuade us from adopting our new spiritual name. But when lived truly, it becomes a seamless part of us and everyone around receives the benefit of the same.

Though as guided, I currently write my name as Roshani Shenazz which combines it with my birth name, the personal addressing is just Roshani. Thus however difficult it may seem for my loved ones who’ve known me for life, and to one and all, I continuously make efforts and request them, to address me as ☀️ ROSHANI – which is a gift from my Beloved God Avatar Meher Baba.

More about how I got my Spiritual Name.

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Do share if you have experienced having a Name that you feel is a calling of your new destiny. ☀️ @roshanishenazz 2019

Stay Blessed 🌟 Keep Shining
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