Archangel Gabriel’s Message of Hope

Archangel Gabriel’s Message of Hope

We all gave guardian Angels and there are many hierarchy of Angels. The Archangels are the governing body of Angels which look after the upkeep and well being of the Planet.
From the April issue of #bodymindsoul every quarter I would be sharing with you some important aspects of the 4 Key Archangels in this Light Brigade of our Supreme Power along with their special message for 2018.
Here’s a deeper look into the first one that we began with. Read the attributes and essence of one of the most nurturing and creative ones, the mothering and illuminating of the lot – Archangel Gabriel along with a Special Message for 2018 and all other characteristics that can help you know when to call upon the assistance of this mighty yet soft and caring Archangel are all shared in here. You can also meditate upon  the Image in the article which is from my bestselling book, “Angels Speak” (available on Online) – to bring AA Gabriel’s energies to resonate in your life to heal and nurture all that needs to. ☀️ @roshanishenazz 2018


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Stay Blessed 🌟 Keep Shining
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