Tips! – Learn to be a great Learner

Tips! – Learn to be a great Learner

All transformative leaders and educators are intrinsically great learners. But their learning is not just about going through the books and applying the knowledge. To be a great learner, we have to first be a patient and humble un-learner. Each day, we all encounter new information and strive to keep up with all the changes in technology, and all other varied means of competition in our professional lives. In all this daily fire-fighting for the rat race we forget that unless we release our rigidity of beliefs and thoughts and therefore unlearn all that is no more serving us in any more, we shall never be able to make the best of all the new that is being got our way.

Be open and accepting to this unlearning process. and you shall experience how quickly you are able to learn all that you truly need to for that phase of life. You not only learn fast but also attract the right resources that shall aid your learning and further your success. For being a great learner it is also important to understand that each one has their own journey, comprehensive levels, and timing when they are ready to learn and embed. Many people often get drained while pushing others to learn in life, and get irritated, frustrated, angry or agitated when they are surrounded with people who are on a lower level of understanding, learning or embedding that lesson in life. I share with you some important thoughts and intents that you can use as you go along this wonderful journey of unlearning and learning, sharing and inspiring.

Daily take out a small piece of your precious quiet time for your inner spirit and dwell on these thoughts. Journal all that surfaces from within while you do the exercise. Use the intents then during the working hours of the day and infuse the energy of that intent in your daily life.

When I am exposed to something new, I look closely and focus on the subject at hand. What do I see? How does it work? Do I make a conscious decision to learn quickly this new information or do I let any old learning, belief or event that took place, hinder this learning?

I learn in many different ways. Sometimes, I may research and read about a topic. Also, I look on the internet. I interact with other people to try to gain information. And I ask questions of those who seem to know about the subject. Am I open to receiving knowledge from anyone and anywhere or do I let, any societal status, or educational levels or other trivialities of positions, etc., block the receiving of any knowledge that is coming my way?

I keep my eyes open. Observing other people helps me learn quickly. Watching how someone else performs a task provides a visual education for me. This ensures I can perform whatever tasks are asked of me. Am I an encouraging learner and teacher? Do I get agitated with people who are not seemingly perfect in what and how they do? Or do I patiently help them to be the best version of themselves, while fully knowing and understanding their levels and capabilities of learning?

I find that when I take the attitude that learning is fun, I am more motivated to take in new information. I learn quickly because I am ready to absorb new input at all times. It is never simply for the sake of learning and garnering knowledge. Just the way unlearning to learn is important, it is also important to adhere and expend the learning so as to allow this implementation to become experiential and manifest as wisdom. I see that when I am open to change, and implementing that change, I can learn more rapidly. It is imperative to ask within, “Do I take my learning or job as a mundane routine, or do I constantly infuse love in all that I do and look out for out of the box ideas to bring in innovation constantly? Am I stubborn towards accepting other people’s views and ideas or am I open to listening and doing my due diligence over them? Do I disagree without being disagreeable or do I let loose and bench press my weight around?

Ponder over all the above self-reflective Questions and for all that you are not doing right, work towards the humble acceptance of ‘how can I overcome my stumbling blocks to be a great learner, teacher and a transformational leader.” The more you focus on these minor details that make up your life, you shall see how the energy within and around you escalates, and how life improves. Journal your thoughts, reflect on your learning, and focus to daily unlearn all that is unserving in any manner or that which has finished its job in your life and has to leave you, so that you move on to higher grounds of abundance, success, health and happiness.

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Stay Blessed Keep Shining

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