We are a Divine Masterpiece

We are a Divine Masterpiece

We may not realize this, but we are a Divine Masterpiece. We are a dot drop of existence that grew into;
A living, breathing, walking, talking, structure built of
206 interlocked bones…
640 interwoven muscles…
95 billion neurons, all shooting energy and communicative messages endlessly to each other, every nano moment.
We breathe about 20,000 times per day…
We blink our eyelids about 28,000 times per day…
Our heart beats about 115,200 times per day…

And ALL of this and much more,
ALL on autopilot, without any control from our end and without any conscious thinking of any of this.
What can be more fascinating?
And besides being this exclusively made masterpiece of the Greatest Scientist up there, we have an engine called the Spirit, which is pumped with the fuel called Love that drives this whole mechanism from its core, and a Mind that is the driver called Freewill.

There are very few things that have been left in our (driver’s) control and yet with those few things we have the ability to create greater mess ups for ourselves.
If all those 85% of things was also in our control who knows who could save us.
Now turn the vision inwards and imagine what could be possible if we actually started using constructively all that has been trusted in our (driver’s) control? Think, Visualize and Feel it….. When you arrive at your answer and then implement ways to manifest that answer, your handling power of life will change. Just simply begin by acknowledging and giving gratitude to the beauty of that 85% which is not in your control. Try and see the difference for yourself. Roshani/2017

Stay Blessed Keep Shining

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(numeric / scientific details have been taken from an email / internet source)

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