The dramatic transition Full Moon of 12th March

The dramatic transition Full Moon of 12th March

The dramatic transition Full Moon 🌙

Today is a very high energy dramatic full moon. It also coincides with the powerful energies of the Hindu Day of Holika the burning of negativity in the Divine Fire. In India Holika Dahan or the lighting of bonfire takes place on the eve of Holi. It is a very popular tradition and is symbolic of triumph of good over evil. This time it all also falls on the date of 12th which is a earmarked date every month to burn the holy Dhuni at Meherabad the Divine Abode of the Tomb Shrine of Avatar Meher Baba.

Let go and release the seeming lower or negative attributes of life, be it; emotions, feelings, habits, and actions; beliefs or anything that binds you, or is holding you back, or that which you wish to let go to the Light.
Release any seeming challenges, addictions and cravings, any physical or mind problems, ailments and also the known unknown emotions that caused it. Have lots of water, juices and fluids. Be aware of temper, tantrums or arguments and so on. Refrain from falling trap to them. It’s a unique full moon as it’s a great moving and transitional phase actually opening up to celebrate the new and thus making it imperative for all the old to be left behind.

We have to empty out the old to hold the new within us and to allow the innate latent goodness to surface and shine through. Our seeming problems are not much due to lack of anything but due to the excess of everything we hoard and can’t let go off.

So sit with the Moon or intent the Moon tonight and invite AA Haniel to be with you and follow the steps below:

~ Intent sitting at a bonfire and release all and any of the above mentioned into the fire asking the Divine🔥to consume it all.
~ Then ask AA Haniel and the Moonlight to wash away all the seeming darkness and effects or manifestations of the same.
~ Bless all the seeming negativity and darkness as it leaves you as that too was a part of your soul’s growth.
~ Bathe yourself in the glowing moonlight and feel the cleansing and purification.
~ Intent yourself totally cleansed as a shining ball of Light. Get ready to celebrate the new phase.

♡ © Roshani/March2017

Stay Blessed and Keep Shining 🔆🙌💞
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(The energies of full moon, new moon and eclipses, exert itself right from 3 days prior to 3 days after the actual date.)

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