Extract from the recent #bestseller Book – ‘Angels Speak ~ Your Daily Dose of Divine Love’

Extract from the recent #bestseller Book – ‘Angels Speak ~ Your Daily Dose of Divine Love’

Extract from the recent #bestseller Book – ‘Angels Speak ~ Your Daily Dose of Divine Love’ – “I have always believed, even before my spiritual onset, that it is in the power of giving that we receive more. Not just to fill the coffers of our material desires, but also in giving and receiving from this world and the universe. We have to give back as much as we receive, because when we hoard things up it causes constrictions, stagnation and eventually destruction. The catch is that the ‘Ego’ does not know that there is no giver unless there is a receiver, and it often takes pride in just the ‘giving back to the world’ part. Thus with great care and protection of the Eternal Father, I have always been steered and guided to give gratitude to each soul who is brought to me by divinity, for if not for them and their soul contract with me, I would not be blessed to be a divine instrument.

I sincerely urge that each and every one of us, who wishes to make even an ounce of a difference, or are already doing it in some form or another, should never underestimate the power we have within to make a difference in the world, through our unique self via our inner gifts, talents, skills or resources. As Mahatma Gandhi powerfully stated, ‘Be the change that you wish to see in the world’. Thomas Jefferson beautifully captures this same essence in his famous quote ‘If you want something you have never had, you must be willing to do something you have never done.’

This is not just a book of messages, or of revisiting words or concepts that you may already be familiar with; as we all are comprised of a cycle and its recycling energy. This is my journey into a world that is ‘in’ this world, but not ‘of’ this world. It is a journey I make along with many, many Earth Angel souls who have been brought into my life.” ~~ © Book “Angels Speak ~ Your Daily Dose of Divine Love”/Roshani – 2015/2016

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