Is your Inner Child lost or hurt?

Is your Inner Child lost or hurt?

It is so easy to lose our innocence. So easily many children lose their innocence due to many factors. Through all that we go through our inner child suffers the most. It’s chocked, suppressed or fearful. It loses the faith of being who it is. It loses the hope of joy and doing things that make the heart and soul sing in glee. And most of our life’s constrictions emerge from a wounded hurt inner child.

I’m grateful to God for blessing me with sanity in the worst dips of my life. I’m grateful that I could laugh and crack jokes even while lying in hospital many times all my life but yet internally remaining rock solid irrespective of the crashing down of things in the outer world. I’m grateful to have been blessed to laugh at my own self and crack up on life’s tough lessons and go through it with a smile. I’m grateful that I was surrounded with God in many forms throughout these times. I’m grateful that irrespective of the missiles of life’s lessons my inner child was loved and protected by Divinity never to lose it’s essence.

I yet love soft toys. I yet love baby talk and do the gibberish many times. I yet go hysterical on nonsensical jokes. I yet become just few months old with a baby. I yet love the unpredictability of trying something new with positive faith just like the faith of a child who is flung in the air and yet giggles and laughs rather than fear, because somewhere within it knows that the hands that flung, are the same hands that shall hold him back.

So see the child in you and see the child in everyone else as the child is the purest form of the Creator. Revive your passions, hobbies, madness and fun. Don’t let age or anything be of any binding to heal and awaken this inner child. That child which may have been lost in the thick woods of life. Search, strive and bring it back home. Start Now >>> ♡ © Roshani/2016

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