All the World needs….. IS LOVE ~ Part 2

All the World needs….. IS LOVE ~ Part 2

All the World needs….. IS LOVE ~~ Part 2

Things that divinity made me implement along my journey and share in Part 1 of this post, in no way is for encouraging No Action. It in fact is to encourage the Right Action. Please read the full post, as you never know the reason why Divinity is making you even read or receive something to read…

We have to step up when we have to and take action but when we do that we should deeply feel and know that this is a step intended towards a tangible positive outcome then whatever that happens is not in our hands. What we think, speak and do is the only thing that is in our control. So shake the system with positive approach, signature campaigns and whatever that maybe required to do to bring that justice or balance with the law of the land doing their bit. But do it with spiritual detachment. Which means condemn the Deeds without internally condemning cursing or externally uselessly venting about the Souls who do it.

I was made to exercise this way back in 1994 – 95 when no remote trace of conscious spirituality as such ever existed in my life. I was made a catalyst by the Universe to book in an old Parsi man who cheated youngsters but mostly Parsi youngsters with large sums of money on the pretext of giving them jobs abroad. I had not even been one of them but could have been if Divinity didn’t guide me. And not only did it save me but guided me that just because I was safe didn’t mean I don’t do anything about it. A force within pushed me to unearth something that seemed very trivial in the beginning. The after over 18 years in 2012 Divinity made me realize why I saw the results that I did way back then….

In 1994 while I was at my first high profile big media job at Star India / Channel V, I came across a man through my sweet, naive and gullible Mom who he met first stating that he is a high profile professional who gives jobs to youngsters who wish to settle abroad. I was to meet him after I got back from my official trip which I had then gone for. My first ever International trip to Hong Kong. When I returned my Mom, gave me a hand written note that the man left with her giving his brief introduction and where I could meet him in Mumbai, including a visiting card. While reading that note something within me triggered my childhood – Enid Blyton and Secret 7 instincts and I felt something is fishy in this whole scenario. Though today I can clearly attribute that instinct to Divinity guiding me, at that time the feeling of being Sherlock Holmes was a great kick.

The hotel at which the gentleman stayed was a well-renowned getaway for better words, out of the box human species. I wondered why a man who’s a government official of this XYZ Country that he claims to be from, is staying in this cost next to nothing and not so complaisant accommodation.

Through the help of friends, some divinely guided events and a timely article that appeared in the dear old friendly Parsi newspaper – Jam-E-Jamshed, I unearthed that this man was a crook as my instincts had hinted. With all proofs, by our side, I went to the nearby police station and preempted them that this seeming crook was coming to my home to collect the money from me and my friends in the pretext of the trap that was laid for him. All of 19 or so i was all kicked with this adventure and I thanked God for helping me save our lives from getting swindled of our parents hard earned money. The man came home, we kept him in conversation, made him drink the all famous Dukes Mangola too and then at the appointed time, the police arrived and took him into custody. Hell broke loose in my house as my aunt and parents were worried about the Police and Court rounds and the fear of revenge from the man and his supposedly seeming team of crooks if at all.

All through the 2 years+ of the court case many situations took place that shook my dear departed Mother as she was a prime witness in the case. She would many times fear the consequences and also tell me that she had seen police stations and courts only in Hindi movies and this is the first time due to this madness that I had got embroiled in, she had to touch the real doorsteps of these much averted locations. Though fearful within she stood by me like a Rock. Went with me to the court almost 3 to 4 times a month at times. I could somewhere see the inner pride that was hiding in the fear of the external nay-saying that battered her.

The man had given different statements about his wife and family. How God made me reach them and many more who had been extorted from the last about 7 years at that time, is yet unfathomable. Many young girls and boys got saved, including his own family who had in all misery given up on him when he did is crook pranks and left them to God’s Mercy years back. But yes after a grueling 2 years plus, the case came to an end with the man convicted of the charges of duping more than 50 people and sentenced for 9 or 10 years. I kept a track and later even got to know that he had been rehabilitated after his release though didn’t come to know if he got back to his family.

My Mom passed away just a few months after the case got over in September 1996. Through this episode of life, what she gifted me was grit, determination and strength to stand up for the wrong, come what may but through doing our best and leaving the rest to God. By not cursing or wishing ill of the soul but doing what it may take to work with purity of heart and law of the land. Tracing back, I clearly remember that when I went to the fire temple during that period or did my daily prayers I would always pray that “Dadaji (Parsi kids call God by that name) please give akkal (wisdom) to this man. Please help him to confess and return all poor people’s (poor as in seeming victims) money so that police doesn’t beat him. Please help me find those people he has cheated so that I have proof to save the other youngsters. Please keep mummy me and all my friends who are supporting me in this safe in your protection.”
This inner feeling and spontaneous response to praying this, I can only attribute to the qualities of my dearest Mother who never hurt anyone, and never wished or thought ill even of people who had hurt and shattered her in more ways than one. She always said “let it be, they don’t know what they are doing. Why should I be like them. I know my God is with me and will always be. He knows it all. He sees it all.” Saying this, she even has gone out of the way for being there in thick and thin for those very people who had hurt her, and lovingly was called to her Eternal Home on the auspicious day of the Birthday of our Prophet Zarathustra. She had actually asked for nothing more all her life.

This was the first incident in my tenure on Mother Earth, that had taught me the real meaning of the phrase that; “Hate cannot drive away Hate” and today it stands true for what I am writing here, that “Darkness cannot drive away Darkness.” We have to Light the Light. All along I felt sorry for him, for the fact that what could be the circumstances that would have driven a man in his 50s to do this. I realized though not from a spiritual standpoint, that we all have our own stories and journeys that at times, even we are not aware of in its totality.

It is to irrefutably know that the Law of cause and effect which we call Karma; doesn’t fail anyone. The calculations are immaculate. But yet humanity gets cynical, curseful and revengeful in a larger way thereby creating totally new negative karma or the excess baggage to what was supposed to be nullified or closed. Many times in the World what we may see as actions may have many underlying truths that we may not know and judge the action from the surface to be kind, good or bad.

That power corrupts us, is the old game of Maya and our evolution is through it. The game teaches us, on how to respond when we have it all and how to respond when we have nothing. Then begins the round on how we can positively use that game of Maya, which is as much our freewill, as it is to misuse it.

Today we have become a sadistic, cynical race suffering from age old Megalomania that has become an epitome. And parallel to that, there are some people who are creating ground to co-exist and helping the layman fellow humans usher into the New Humanity. “Gada bharega tab phootega” “When the pot overflows, it shall break” – is what the Universe is doing. Breaking pots left, right and center. Bringing out all the debris and muck, which we have shoved under the carpet for many lifetimes. And the muck will be seen for sure when it’s vacuumed out. We cannot expect to spring clean the home if we are not ready to see the dirt our negligence has accumulated.

We all want to spread the Light but we cannot spread it, if we want to remove darkness with darkness. We have to use the Light even if it is to use it in a different way. The light’s most need is in the dark. What use of it in the blaring sunlight? So we who are trying to endeavor and change things around, have to be ready to be amidst the darkest as that’s where our light is most needed. To first focus within us to remove the darkness of comparisons, discrimination, cursing, jealousy and many such devils of our lives. We cant sit with the dream to spread the light but by modes of running away from darkness or wasting time and energy in only fearing, condemning or cursing it. Neither of which works. Because that which we focus on – individually and collectively, shall needlessly magnify – be it the good or the seeming bad. And when the bad is magnified due to the collective consciousness it becomes a bigger humongous monster.

We have to make sure that we don’t indulge in any of the above darkness of our inner toxins and help others to think the same and change the line of their beliefs, thoughts, words and actions; but with the caution of detachment knowing fully well that in the zoo of life all kinds of animals shall coexist and each one will have their own karma and freewill to operate. It is in our hands to make sure how we will not jump into another cage and best protect ourselves by not allowing any other to jump into ours. May we do our best and leave the rest to the Universe; and the Higher Power who runs it and knows it all. May the Force be with us. Blessings, Wisdom, Love and Oneness to all of Humanity and Creation. © Roshani/2016

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