All the World Needs…. IS LOVE

All the World Needs…. IS LOVE

All the World needs….. IS LOVE ~♥~

Since these last few years have been working on something that I deeply feel is needed to create a paradigm shift.
We need to move away from the sheer judgements, venting, ranting and opining about everything and everyone but rather extend more compassion and see all the seeming wrong in the World and it’s seeming doers with the eyes of a doctor seeing an unhealed ailing patient.

In fact those who are good, wise, spiritually inclined and so on, are already operating through their inner light and it is the darkness that needs the Light. What use is the Light when put against the blaring Sun. It’s true worth lies even in if it is the matchstick that is lit in the darkest of the tunnels.

By condemning, cursing, externally fighting and venting about darkness, we won’t achieve creating any Light. Theoretically just like everything else we also know that; ‘Love begets love, hate begets hate. Darkness cannot remove darkness only light can.’ And thus we cannot work with the darkness to remove darkness we have to Light the Light.

It is the ones who are the seeming perpetrators of the World, that need more Light.
I’m daily praying and trying to work upon how can I and we as a collective force extend light to this dark side which badly needs it and how can We stop to mass magnify the seeming bad through our personal and collective social venting.

Discussing things with an aim for healthy and positive outcomes is one aspect but unnecessary talks or cursing and swearing for all the sad things happening in the World has not taken us and is not going to take us anywhere. The ones who are doing it are in their place and you and me shall be left with venting about one more New Item for another day. Just as in bad office slang people use the phrase “New day New ****.”
The law of attraction magnifies that which we focus on and thus if I or any individual daily is doing that, then we are as a collective consciousness magnifying it. Every time a man made disaster takes place I do personal prayers and also have a separate intent healing circle done for those in the darkness cause it’d not just be enough if their bodies leave the Earth by being punished. Unless that darkness within is removed, the old body can be killed or punished but that darkness is constantly manifesting in new bodies representing it, who will always pop up anywhere and everywhere.

I feel with all the outer practical way of dealing with any darkness it shall constantly revolt and the pollination of our collective energy creates more of the same. The outer has to be worked upon by the way from inner to outer and not from outer to nowhere.

Thus I earnestly wish to work on something where we as individuals can become the change-makers and create a collective movement that can move towards the need to simultaneously work on the inner world too, so that we can eradicate the darkness from our entire inner systems. It all starts from One and domino effects to many. So don’t think what difference does it make if I change? We all may not be able to do everything, but each of us can do something. Small proactive steps that we could take are ~ ♥

♥ One to refrain when we are about to judge curse or opine our harsh thoughts.
♥ Two to step away from hate talk and conversations.
♥ Three to step away from unnecessary adding fuel to fire by commenting on social media with all the cursing of things.
♥ Fourth we should rather than any of the above invest time to pray for all involved in any situation.
♥ Fifth help others to cultivate the same feeling emotion and thinking.

These would be small but sure shot measures in creating a change by beginning to be that little matchstick that shall light the dark tunnel and not the matchstick that sets fire to a haystack.
It may seemingly seem as a Long way off for this glorious manifestation but I’d still be happy to do my bit. Are you ready to do your bit and be in it with this? ♡ © Roshani/2016

Stay Blessed ♡ Stay Tuned

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